Technical Project Manager

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Beagle Create is a growing company.
Despite the pandemic, we managed to not only survive, but grow!
Now, the switch is back on for events, we have skyrocketed and are looking for a technical project manager who has a passion for event technology and delivering on a requirement, without compromise.

Typical of our size, we produce many straightforward events, a good amount of medium scale events and a handful of big projects.
Great or small – we treasure all of them and the person applying for this role can expect to roll their sleeves up and get involved at all levels.

Efficient delivery is at the core of this role.
Understanding the requirements, the available equipment and how to best design systems that teams of technicians can seamlessly deploy and use to deliver events for our clients. Technical delivery will fall at your feet and it’s important that you understand our mantra.

The very nature of events means you can expect peaks to your work-load as we travel throughout a calendar year and although not ‘seasonal’ as such, there are busy days, weeks, months just as there are quieter ones.

Duties will include but not limited to:

  • Working with account managers and producers to produce equipment specifications and systems to enable quick quoting and efficient kit lists.
  • Excel for our clients – our aim is to make ourselves indispensable
  • Understanding a client’s brief and exceed all expectations
  • Producing CAD plans for events
  • Overseeing the technical installation of event provisions, their implementation and safe removal
  • Production of relevant event H&S documentation
  • Ensuring technicians are briefed and well prepared for events
  • Upholding our standards, ensuring everyone and everything is well presented at all times.
  • Dealing with any issues and problem solving in advance and on events, communicating issues to the wider team as necessary.
  • Producing information documents and schematics and ensuring everyone has a clear brief.
  • Run routine checks with warehouse to ensure everything is prepared correctly for events.

Ideal candidate

  • Have an excellent technical understanding of event delivery and systems across all disciplines, both analog and digital with a component level understanding of AV equipment and systems.
  • Full clean manual driving license with at least 10 years driving experience
  • Have industry experience
  • Have experience working with CURRENT RMS software
  • Enjoy working… much as possible!

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